Education Assistance Award Program

One of CFMA's primary objectives is:

To contribute to the improvement of education in the field of government financial management.  To provide scholarships as money becomes available from fund-raising activities.

To accomplish this objective, CFMA created the Educational Assistance Award Program. 

The purpose of the program is to provide monetary assistance to active CFMA members who are State employees and are furthering their education in areas related to State fiscal management.  A sub-committee of the CFMA board consisting of the Vice-President and the Treasurer will review all applications and make recommendations to the full CFMA board. 

For infomation on the program guidelines please click here.

Application is availabe in PDF format.

The maximum education reimbursement amount per member per school year (fall - summer) is $500.

Email your applications to:  or mail them to the CFMA mailing address.

Comments or concerns may be directed to
c/o Office of the State Controller
1525 Sherman, 5th Floor, Denver, CO 80203

Last updated 10/18/2016